Tuesday, May 16, 2017


So, my last post was not such a positive one.  I try to remain positive, or at least keep the negativity in my own mind and not on the page, but it was just one of those days.  So I thought I would put something a little more positive out there.

I am so grateful.

I am grateful that I can afford to have my pony be happy.

I am grateful that I have a team that I trust to take care of her like they were their own, especially since I cannot get there on a regular basis.

I am grateful that Violet is such a willing partner that people clamor to ride her.  Marcea loves to take her cross country schooling, since she seems to be figuring this stuff out and is much more game for new experiences.  Jean wants to show her so bad.  A new barn member may just get the opportunity to ride her this weekend while we're all out of town, much to her delight.

I am grateful that Violet does not hold it against me when I am missing for two weeks at a time, and we can just pick up where we were before I left.

I am grateful that Violet now knows SO MUCH more than I do and is teaching me to be a better rider.

I am grateful that the team misses me when I am gone and always welcomes me back when I return. We have such a great group of ladies.

I am grateful that I found this pony that has turned out to be an asset in so many ways: riding partner, crossrails queen, little kid caretaker, eventing pony, trails maven, babysitter of all kinds.

I am grateful that others think as much of Violet as I do.  So much so that she will never be able to leave the program she is in.  If she ever goes up for sale or lease, it will have to be someone in the barn, so that she can keep the place together.  She is the babysitter and sanity of the place, after all.

I am grateful that my husband understands how getting to the barn impacts my sanity.  I don't necessarily have to ride, but I do have to GO.  The horses are important to me, even on the ground. The people probably even more so.  And he pushes me when I just don't seem to have enough in me to get up and go.

I am so very grateful for Rocking Horse Stables and their crew, who keep such a wonderful facility, always have a positive word, and
 don't judge me or the pony badly when she pulls fences down and wanders the property.  She's Violet, she's the good one.  So they put the fence back up and put her back in her turnout and go on with it.

I am grateful that Violet has remained healthy and sound.  With the exception of the one time I tried to pull her away from the current group (I won't do that again if I can help it), she has remained happy, and loves her position as queen.

So while I whine and moan about money and boots and time, I am so very grateful.


  1. aww, <3 this. it's always so worth it to step back and remember all the good parts too

  2. It can be a frustrating ride (literally and figuratively, lol), but it is also good to remember the good things!